How do I buy Tickets?

Follow the instructions

listed in event details

What’s an E-Ticket/PDF Ticket?

After purchasing tickets on this website, you will receive an email with a PDF file as an attachment for the event: the e-ticket. An e-ticket guarantees entry to the corresponding event. Print the e-ticket and bring it with you. The bar code on the e-ticket printout will be scanned at the door. This unique bar code may be used only once; it is therefore pointless to duplicate and re-use e-tickets. The e-ticket is only valid if you print it on an A4 sheet of paper. Ensure the bar code is able to be scanned, so be careful when folding your e-ticket and do not get it dirty or wet.

For Online purchases, What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard Credit Cards. We also accept Malaysian Bank Transfers – please select our PAYYOURWAY gateway and follow instructions.

Why was my online purchase unsuccessful?

It’s possible you entered incorrect credit card details or the account you are using has insufficient funds. Your expiry date may have been incorrect or you may not have entered the correct CVV number. Certain credit cards does not allow for online transactions, please contact your card issuer accordingly.

Can I buy tickets at the door?

Depending on the availability of the tickets, venue capacity and also event organisers terms and conditions. This will be publicised on the event posters.

What does limited mean?

Limited means that when a sale opens, only a certain number of tickets are available for purchase and when the set amount of ticket finishes, no more tickets will be available.

I’m apprehensive about giving out my personal information; does Boxtix sell personal information?

NO. Boxtix does not sell, share, or disclose any information that you provide. Have a look at our Privacy Policy




I can’t find my ticket. I lost my ticket/left my ticket at home

If you have lost your ticket or leave your ticket(s) at home you will need to purchase new ticket (s) in order to gain entrance.

I lost my ticket(s), can you replace them?

No. We do not replace lost tickets. You will need to purchase new ticket(s) in order to gain entrance.

I cannot attend the event. Do you give refunds?

No. We do not give refunds for tickets if you are unable to attend. As stated in the terms and conditions of sale that is agreed to upon ordering, tickets are non-refundable.




How can I tell if a ticket is real? How can I know that the ticket I’m buying is valid?

Your best assurance is by buying it from authorised outlets. Our tickets have numerous physical security features. Remember, just because a ticket is real, doesn’t mean it is still valid.



Email: [email protected] for questions about your order.